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11 July, 2014


I  N F O R M A T I O N

About a thousand workers of CJSC "Nairit Plant" on 10 July  participated in the march to the government building and the ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of RA  in order  to hand in   Prime  Minister of RA H.Abramyan and minister E.Zakharyan a letter with demand to  pay  salary debts   and  to clarify  the further  fate of "Nairit" plant. The procession was held under the slogans  "We demand to pay salary debts",  "We demand the restoration of activities of the plant",  "Nairit ...

01 May, 2014

May Day events of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

May Day events of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Armenia "On holidays and commemoration days in RA" May 1 is a non-working day in the country and is celebrated as a Labour Day .  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia on May 1 2014 organized a procession through the central streets of the city and a meeting in front of the building of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia , which was attended by numerous representatives of the branch republican unions, factories and other organizations and representatives of twenty branch republican unions ,...

01 April, 2014


 On  26 March 2014  the Executive Committee of the Confederation of trade unions of Armenia held its meeting  where  the matter of expulsion of the Republican branch union of trade union organizations of physical culture, sport and tourism workers of RA (chairman – K.Haroutunyan) from  the affiliation to the  CTUA  was discussed.At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the CTUA  at19 voted for this decision and 2 abstentions, in accordance with paragraph 17 of the Constitution of the CTUA  a decision was made and invited  the Council...