Activity Plan

Adopted by 3-d CTUA Congress




Activity Plan

of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia for 2012-2017


Confederation   of  Trade  Unions  of  Armenia, (thereby CTUA)  cooperating with member branch republican unions (thereby BRU) aim its activity at stabilization and development of  the social partnership in the republic, at  joining up and strengthening of trade union movement and establishing its participation in the world trade union  movement.

CTUA protect  the decent work conception proposed by the International Labour Organization which comes to be the basic idea of social, economic and ecological development of the countries.

With the object of  continuing the eternal reforms of   CTUA and member BRU activities, increasing  the  authority and credibility of trade unions and as well as for the providing publicity of trade union activity the Congress considers it necessary to direct the CTUA efforts to the implementation of the following tasks.



1.Social  Partnership


In its social and labour relationships with  the state authorities and employers CTUA is guided by the social partnership principles.

1.1.To take  measures  for  developing and  improving  the  system of the  social  partnership  in the collective  labour  relations.

1.2.To assist member BRU in drawing up collective agreements in trade union organizations.

1.3.To conduct together with social partners  discussions concerning labour and related to it professional, economic and social rights and interests of workers.

1.4.To continue participation in the discussions arranged by the interested parties concerning the  matter  of adopting  new legal acts about  labour  and related to them professional, economic and social issues and  about inclusion amendments and supplements in acting legal acts.

1.5.To cooperate with Labour state inspection  and with member BRU in the implementation of the control over legal norms and collective agreements  regulating labour relationships.

1.6.To continue activity on assisting the ratification by the Republic of Armenia of the International Labour Organization conventions, to take steps for entire  implementations of the demands of the ratified conventions.

1.7.To conduct discussions in order to  determine  the advisability to ratify   provisions of European Social Charter which are not ratified by the RA. To appear with the proposal  of ratifying of these provisions and take measures  to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the  ratified provisions.

1.8.To carry out activity to increase the effectiveness of  trade union active members’ training on conducting collective negotiations and drawing up collective agreements.


2. Representation and Protection of Labour Rights and Interests of Workers


 Representation and protection of labour rights and interests of workers by the Confederation of Trade Union of Armenia is aimed at providing the  labour rights of workers and at the independence of trade unions.

2.1.To continue  activity on determination  of the  minimal wages  in the republic  in accordance with the international norms and take measures to bring  gradually  the level of the minimal wages to satisfactory standards of living by means of corresponding legal acts.

2.2.To insure  the adoption of the RA law “About indexation of the salary” .

2.3.To continue assistance the member BRU, trade union members and other citizens in providing  them by legal consultations on labour relationships.

2.4.With the assistance of the member BRU to provide participation of the CTUA  representative in the lawsuits  in order to  protect labour rights and related  interests of  trade union member workers  in the judicial processes.

2.5.To continue the cooperation with the government of the RA and other interested  organizations in the matter of  regulation of migration, forced labour and labour trafficking and in the protection of rights of migrant workers in the country of their destination.


3. Healthy and Safe Work


One of the main tasks of trade unions is the conduction of the activities which ensure the right to  healthy and safe labour conditions for workers.

3.1.CTUA with the member BRU are consistent in their activity on providing healthy and safe labour conditions for workers.

3.2.CTUA with the member BRU carry out activities to create “green working places” free from harmful industrial influence, exclude occupational injures and diseases, negative influence on the environment.

3.3.To assist to establishing in the republic  the  international standards of labour protection.

3.4.To take measures on establishing  in the Republic of Armenia  the uniform procedure  of investigation and registration of occupational accidents.

3.5.To take measures for adopting  the corresponding  legal act where   the main norms and rules on   health and labour  safety are established.

3.6.Trough the mediation of  the  member BRU to assist in matters of providing health and labour safety of  workers.   



4. Internal Activity


  Strengthening  of  solidarity  and organization of the trade unions is a guarantee of the effective protection of the social-economic rights of workers.

4.1.To assist the member BRU in their activity to strengthen the trade union membership motivation, to raise the number of trade union members and trade union organizations. 

4.2.To continue activities on further improvement and development of the system of trade union training. To take measures to increase  the qualification of trade union workers and to establish continuous training.

4.3.To provide a systematic approach to organizing of the trade union training, combining academic and innovative methods of teaching, to introduce modern information and educational technology.

4.4.To use the advantages of the sociological researches in order to improve the efficiency of CTUA and member BRU activities, involving  the member BRU in this activity.

4.5. To organize  with  the CTUA member BRU activity  on  involving into trade union organizations  the  workers of multinational corporations, the enterprises  with  the foreign capital  participation.

4.6.Together with member BRU develop and implement  a comprehensive strategy in order to increase the trade  union membership among workers.

4.7.To organize and carry out activities to disseminate information about CTUA and  member BRU activities, constantly improve the official website turning it into a means of communication  and as well in a available source of operative and competent information, awareness of international trade union movement for  public and in particular for trade union members, to introduce an electronic information exchange.

4.8.To take measures to improve the structure of the CTUA , to increase the efficiency of its structural subdivisions’ activity and to strengthen  the economic and  property base.

4.9.With the aim of  implementation the internal reforms  of the CTUA to promote the member BRU in their enlargement.

4.10.To continue activities on ensuring the integration of women and young people in trade union organizations.


5. International Cooperation


CTUA protecting rights and interests of workers in the conditions of economic globalization will build its international activity with foreign trade union centers on principles of solidarity.

5.1.To continue the cooperation with International Labour Organization, International Trade Union Confederation, General Confederation of Trade Unions and with other organizations deal with labour, social-economic and humanity issues.

5.2.To take measures to implement international labour norms and trade union rights appointed in the International Labour Organization and European Social Charter   conventions and in other international documents ratified by the RA.

5.3.To study and disseminate international trade union experience among the member BRU with the purpose  of  their expedient use by the CTUA and the member BRU in their activity.

5.4.To take measures to become a full-fledged member of International Trade Union Confederation.


3-d Congress of Confederation of trade unions of Armenia  express  its  confidence that CTUA joint with member branch republican unions constantly improving their activities, consolidating and intensifying their activities in the matter of representing and protecting labour and related  to it rights and interests of workers  will contribute to the promotion of decent  work, sustainable development and social progress in the Republic of Armenia.

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