Yerevan, 23.10.2021


Мay Day Appeal of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia


  Dear workers!

  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia congratulates you on the occasion of Labor Day - May 1   and wishes you  decent work  which will be the pledge  of  well-being of your families and stable development of the Republic of Armenia.

  In the society  work  has always been an important part of every human life and decent work is not only a means of strengthening the family and the state, but the only guarantee for a full human life. Over the past two decades the economic situation of the country and some  circumstances humiliated the importance of the holiday, but the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia has always believed  that  May 1 was and remains a day of solidarity of workers in defense of their legitimate rights and interests, emphasized the importance of work.

  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia attaches great importance to cooperation based on social partnership and expressing its concern about the declining  living conditions of working people applied to the government to establish a living wage and the minimum consumer basket. In order to fight against the registered by statistics  the  rising unemployment and declining living standards, trade unions need to redouble their efforts in all directions in order to protect the rights and interests of workers.

  Once again I congratulate all the members of  trade unions and workers on the occasion of  Labor Day,   wish you  decent, creative and peaceful work for the welfare of your families and prosperity of our country!


Chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

Eduard Tumasyan