Yerevan, 23.01.2022



I  N F O R M A T I O N

About a thousand workers of CJSC "Nairit Plant" on 10 July  participated in the march to the government building and the ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of RA  in order  to hand in   Prime  Minister of RA H.Abramyan and minister E.Zakharyan a letter with demand to  pay  salary debts   and  to clarify  the further  fate of "Nairit" plant. The procession was held under the slogans  "We demand to pay salary debts",  "We demand the restoration of activities of the plant",  "Nairit  is a  pledge of economic development of the country," "We believe in common sense of the  leaders."

The march  was organized by the trade union committee of the plant. The trade union activists  with the  trade union committee chairman of CJSC “Nairit Plant”, Deputy chairman of Republican Branch Union of trade union organization of industry workers of RA G.Tadevosyan were heading the columns of the march.  In a letter handed in  to the Prime Minister it  was noted that as  at 11 June  2014  the  number of employees of the factory is 2292 men,  1263  of them are in enforced truancy,  803 are permanent employees (providing enterprise security, current repairs, administration), 126 employees are on maternity leave.   Since April 2010 due to the  unprofessional management, accumulation of salary debts  the  factory is   in downtime. However, according to the  experts, in case of  providing  financial investment and professional management of engineering and technical personnel, the plant can operate at a profit.

In order to avoid a social explosion the trade union committee on behalf of the factory workers asked the Prime Minister to visit the plant until the end of July.  In a letter addressed to Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of RA the  factory workers  asked to give instructions to the relevant authorities  to draw up  a clear timetable for salary debts  payment. Up today, unpaid wages make up an amount equivalent to 13 million US dollars for 16 months.

 Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources  met  workers of CJSC "Nairit Plant". E. Zakharyan told the  gathered workers  that the government is aware of the situation complexity,  but  has no opportunity to resolve the problem. He promised before 15 September to report about the ultimate fate of the plant. The Prime Minister met a group of workers headed by the chairman of the trade union committee G.Tadevosyan and the chairman of the Republican Branch Union of trade union organizations of industry workers of RA H.Danilyan and  promised   to ensure the payment of one month’s salary in the coming week and  to receive  the delegation of factory workers again in August.