Yerevan, 03.12.2021



of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

in connection with the World Day for Decent Work


    On 7 October the international trade union movement is celebrating the World Day for Decent Work.

    Decent work means not only providing an employment, but also ensuring safe working conditions and adequate wages of workers, and these issues are crucial to the International Trade Union Confederation and   the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia.

    This year the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia on Decent Work Day comes up with the following demands: decent work and fair wages, respect for the principles of social dialogue between employers and employees, the sustainable development of social partnership as the  basis of the modern labor relations. CTUA opposes unemployment, poverty, migration, and social polarization.

    Today our economy is  going  through a difficult  time. Heavy  and unstable financial and economic situation of the republic limits the role and  importance of decent work. However, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia hopes that its demands will be taken as the basis while the implementation of measures to restore the economy and protect the interests of employees.

    We urge our affiliates to enhance consistently the role of trade union organizations, to encourage the affiliation of young people, which will promote the development of the trade union movement and increase the confidence of workers  to trade unions, the growth of its credibility and influence in the society.


Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia