Yerevan, 23.10.2021


Congratulations  of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia on the occasion of the

70 anniversary of the Victory  in the  Great Patriotic War


  70 years ago the Soviet people   won in the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union used all its military capabilities in order to destroy invaders  who  were  a threat not only for the Soviet Union, but also for many European countries.  In this bloody war, the Soviet Union suffered the greatest,  It  lost millions of soldiers fallen on the battle fields, millions died in concentration camps.

  The participation of the Armenian people in the Great Patriotic War  is one of the heroic pages in our history. The contribution of the Armenian  into this  great victory  was  enormous. Marshal Georgy Zhukov said: "In the victory over fascism Armenians, starting from an ordinary soldier and ending with a marshal, immortalized their names with not fading  glory  of brave warriors." The Great Patriotic War was a war for the survival of the entire Armenian nation, it is not surprising that it was attended by about 650 thousand Armenians, both from Soviet Armenia and  from other republics,  about 350,000 of which  were killed.

  May 9 for Armenian people  is also   a  day of liberation of Shushi.

  On this day  we pay tribute to the victims of this terrible and merciless war that gave their lives to secure the future of our country and each of which is worthy  our grateful memory.  The ranks of veterans of the Great Patriotic War are shrinking, and today honoring them  and veterans of the Karabakh war, we wish them   peaceful days,  health and well-being.

  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia congratulates everyone on the Great Victory and wishes all  a peaceful sky. Current and future  generations will always keep  in their  memory selfless heroism of those who  defended  the honor and dignity of  our motherland.



Eduard Tumasyan

Chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia